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Avis Beauvais Airport

Avis Beauvais Airport car hire services are situated outside the terminal building at the airport and the company’s car rental park is just behind rental offices at the airport. Avis car hire is one of the most preferred options at Beauvais Airport especially by the members. Membership is free of charge and you enjoy a wide range of exclusive services. On your arrival, you will find the paperwork ready and you won’t be required to sign. You just need too present your driving license. You will also get priority service at Avis Preferred Counters alongside many other benefits.

Avis Beauvais Airport extra car rental options include satellite navigation systems and child seats. If you have a child aged below 10 years, in France, the law requires that you use booster seats suitable for the child while driving. Avis car rental at Beauvais Airport offers customers 3 fuel options. First one is the normal return where customers do not have to worry about finding a filling station when returning the car. You will purchase a full tank when renting the car and it will save you more time.

The Pay On Return option is for customers that don’t buy a full tank when renting where they can return the vehicle without filling and they will pay the re-fuelling service charge. The last option for Avis Beauvais Airport car rental is the Bring Back Full where the customer simply fills the tank and Avis doesn’t make any fuel charges. Before you live Beauvais Airport Avis car rental location, make sure that you have all contact details just in case of breakdowns or accidents. In case of an accident, you need to contact police for third party liability who will also help the injured passengers if any.

You can check rates for Avis Beauvais Airport car hire online where you can still make bookings through their website. When reserving a car online, you will be required to give the date and time when you will arrive at Beauvais Airport and the specific car make you need as well as any extra equipment like navigation system. Avis offices at Beauvais Airport are opened between 0800 hrs and 2300 hrs all week long apart from Sunday where they open at 0800hrs and close at 1500 hrs as well as from 1700 hrs to 2300 hrs. The company remains closed during public holidays in France.