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Beauvais Airport Parking

Beauvais airport parking is available at three car parks; P1, P2 and P3. Both P1 and P3 actually have same tariffs. The two car parks are majorly designed for short term parking. Car park 1 and car park 3 are located just across to each other. Passengers and anyone else can access the two parks on the road which leads to P2 car park. Car Park P2 is located furthest from airport and unlike P1 and P3; this car park is meant for longer term parking.

At the end of Beauvais Airport Road, you will see signs that direct you clearly to the three car parks just before the car hire building. However, most people have attested that understanding the directions is not very easy as such. But after turning and passing the car hire building, you will see car park 2 on your right side. Car P1 and P3 are on your left side and right respectively. Car park P2 is also seen on your right after you pass the entrance leading to P3. Beauvais airport parking area is shown by signs directing you to P1, P2 and P3.

Beauvais airport parking is generally on the grass fields. During the rainy season, the parking area can be quite muddy. For this reason, many people opt not to park at the car parks when it is raining and will opt to keep their cards at the nearby fields and roads. This is not legal and you can do so at your own risk. There is also a parking section for the handicapped. The parking rates are charged on hourly basis and long term car park is relatively cheaper than the short term car parks. Car parks 1 and 3 are located close to the two airport terminals.