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Paris Tourist Attractions

Tourist treasures near Beauvais Airport range from Heritage and natural attractions to shopping places and leisure areas. Beauvais Airport attractions are must see attractions when traveling to France for a holiday or business trip. Beauvais itself is an ancient town in France that has a rich history. Located in the northern parts of France, there are several cultural and historical sites near Beauvais airport to see and some exciting and fun attractions for the entire family. The famous Castle of Troissereux is one of the Beauvais Airport attractions located in Therain Valley. Constructed during the period of Renaissance, The Castle of Troissereux is a much visit area where you can catch the beautiful sights of neoclassic décor dating back to 1700s.

The castle is surrounded by beautiful gardens accenting the castle. These gardens are filled with bald cypress trees, oak trees, ash trees, oriental plane trees and lime trees. The beautiful gardens are a recreation of the feel and look of the ancient French Landscape including a waterway and an arboretum. There are many wild birds which have made the exquisite and beautiful gardens their permanent homes. During the well known Hundred Years War in France, the castle was damaged severely but now stands as one of the hottest Beauvais Airport attractions. Over the years, it has gone through remodeling and renovation to improve its attractiveness.

Another one of the highly treasured Beauvais Airport attractions is Saint Paul Amusement Park that acts as a wonderful destination for family activity. The park has more than 33 fun filled tourist attractions. Some of the most loved rides at the park are such the roller coaster which is ever thrilling, the exciting Mississippi riverboat, the serene Dino Splash as well as the Niagara Splash. As far as entertainment is concerned there is a puppet show and an illusionist show that visitors can enjoy. In addition to this, visitors also get to experience the thrills and sounds of circus. The five restaurants found at the park are a perfect place to satisfy your hunger and you will find a large selection of delicious cuisines. A picnic area at the site will also enable you to enjoy real family fun.

Among the most visited Beauvais Airport attractions includes the Saint Leger Park which is a recreational park and a wildlife sanctuary with great activities that the entire family can enjoy. You will also find a wooden nature park at Saint Leger Park which is a perfect place for nature lovers to enjoy a hike or take a stroll. In addition, there are many animals to see and numerous fun activities to keep the children busy. There are crazy pony rides and bike courses offered at the park as well. The family also has an opportunity of experiencing farm animals at the minimum or go for cruising at the lake. With all these things to see and do, it is one of the most popular Beauvais Airport attractions.

Also referred to as Cathedral of Beauvais, Saint Pierre Cathedra is an amazing Gothic architectural sight near Beauvais Airport. Constructed in 1200s, this cathedral is one of the most famous Beauvais Airport attractions thanks to its incredibly astronomical clock on it as an exquisite vault that boasts of being the tallest of its kind in the world. This incredibly amazing astronomical clock has more than ninety thousand different components moving together in harmony. When you are stopping over at Beauvais Airport, these are some of the amazing tourist treasures that you expect to counter. Beauvais city is just a 10 min drive away and offers an awesome shopping experience as well.