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Beauvais Airport Trains

Unlike Orly and Charles de Gaulle airports, Beauvais Airport has no train station. Gare SNCG is the nearby rail connection which is located in Beauvais town, about 3.5 kilometers southwest of the airport. To reach Beauvais Airport, a traveler can use a shuttle bus which takes 25 minutes to reach the airport and has four intermediate stops. A taxi will take between 10 and 15 minutes for the same trip. Beauvais airport trains travel at a frequency of about every 4o minutes. The first train departs from Beauvais at 05: 08 and at 06: 33 during holidays and Sundays with the last train departing at 20:10 at night.

When traveling to Beauvais Airport, a traveler can take Beauvais Airport trains from the Gare du Nord at the city centre traveling to Beauvais city and complete the remaining distance by either a taxi or shuttle. Taxis usually charge a flat fee from the airport to the train station at Beauvais Airport for a maximum of 4 passengers in one taxi and this includes baggage handling charges. Due to their relatively small size, these two cities are not served by city buses.

Beauvais Airport trains tickets from Beauvais to Paris are 12€ for one way. The seating is actually non reserved meaning that it can sell out and you don’t need to reserve a seat in advance. As such, you are assured of getting the best ticket price possible by getting your ticket either at Beauvais train station either through the ticket window or get it from the automated ticket vending machine which takes smartchip credit cards and coins. This vending machine is easily operated using a knob which you just clockwise or in the counter clockwise direction to change screen selections. You make a selection by pressing the button at the center.

Beauvais Airport trains tickets can also be purchased online ahead of time. Once you purchase the ticket online, you can either pick it up at the train station or have it delivered at your home. There are various websites to use for this service based on your residence. Traveling from Beauvais city to Paris will take you about an hour and you can access Metro Line 4 and Metro Line 5 as well as RER Lines E, D and B from the Gare du Nord train terminus. From Gre du Nord, you can go to Disneyland by taking PER- D going to Gare de Lyon and then RER A4 to Marn- la-Vallee-Chessy exiting at Disneyland entrance.